Complexification:  Part II
Track 10

Well here we go again
Macho man with such smooth lines
Did you really plan that
Telling me all your lies
When you felt an advantage
After a drunken blind
Stagger up and stutter
Honey you can’t even open your eyes
Mumble something for chatter
And think I’m yours for the night

Well, would you know when you see it
Because it’s standing right in front of your face
Now, would you know how to handle it
Or would I have to put you in your place
Would you know when you see it
Standing right in front of your face, now
Would you know what to do with it
Or would I have to to put you in your place

Undressing me with your eyes
Now is that what you call subtle
Whistling and cat calls as I walk by
You kiss your mother with that mouth
I’m sure she’d have a lot of pride
In her little grown angel
Who helps the homeless, don’t forget the blind
Whose tongue is like a dagger
If she only knew your guise
She’d look at you in a new light and I’d have to sympathize


Let’s go get your shit yeah
I’ll take you right off the street
Gotta go ask you friends
Now isn’t that so sweet
Let’s face it honey, I’m the one that you hope you’d never meet
‘Cause when I get you, you know that I’ll knock you right off your feet
Slack jaw liar shaking in your shoes
Prove yourself, now what have you got to loose


City Nights

Never meant that much to you
For all the secrets we knew
Times of trouble and times of pain
Now only memories remain
That years have slipped away
Different places and paths I chose
Always come back the same
To those city nights we rode in vain

The nights in the alleys
Driven by our friends
We were part-time lovers
On the city nights
We rode in vain
To ease the madness of
The city nights

I drove by our old place again
And something about it has changed since then
It’s the same old places
And the same old things
And the same old memories that they bring
But now they’re surrounded by a different light
And I can’t help but remember
All those city nights


Silence, with everything so loud
A world in which I live is full of doubt
Nowhere to turn, nowhere to go
And looking back now I see
All the deluded memories
That you gave to me
Of the perfect night
Out on the city nights


Slip On By

So I guess that I hurt you
What do you want me to say
You’re looking for closure
Like a final act in a play
It’s always about you
I didn’t want it that way

Just take some time to see
How you pushed me away
You’re selfish and snide
With no space for me, to be me

A reality you couldn’t see
All I want was to be just me
You wouldn’t let me
Be me

Somethings work better
The less that you try
Sometimes it’s easier
When you let it
When You let it slip on by
Let it slip on by

The things that you wanted
Were not the same for me
A conventional way of life
House, car, and a family
Jealousy and grief you gave to me
All I needed was time
Just a simple moment
A moment of mine


I didn’t explain why I just went away
Somethings just have to end
No matter how hard you try and pretend
People need space to evolve inside
I just needed some room
A little solitary time


Help Me Breathe

The agonizing, desperation for an escape
I can no longer sleep my babe and it’s too hard to be awake
The old road of drinks and pills, is what I will not take

What’s it gonna be that sets me free
What’s it gonna take to get a break
I need to relax to be calm you see
Somebody help me to breathe

I sit and watch as people pass me by
The smile on their faces makes me want to cry
I’m so tired of trying to be happy
It’s making me mad
Crazy thinking of the joy
The joy that I once had


With each day that goes by
It’s getting harder to try
Bit by bit destroying my will
My will to survive
Now why’s it gotta be so tough
Why isn’t all their love enough



I don’t want to see you go
So please baby can’t you stay
I know you say that you’ve gotta work
Call on in, let’s waste away the day
The sun is shining bright outside
And darling so are you
Stay with me, we’ll have so much fun
Just Think of all that we can do

I’ve waited a long time to get you here
I’m not gonnna let you leave so fast my dear
I’ll wrap my arms around you so tight and I won’t let go
Surrender yourself to me and let me take complete control

Don’t worry about what your boss might have to say
Cause I know that you can handle that on another day
Please darling won’t you stay right here and handle me
Being with you has got me filled up with such ecstasy


The sun is setting and the stars are shining up above
Aren’t you glad that you stayed with me, my love
The fiery passion in your eyes had got us hypnotized
We’ve made each other forget everything that was gong wrong in our lives


I’ve waited a long time to get you here
Aren’t you glad that you stayed with me my dear
You wrap your arms around me so tight you wont’ let go
You’ve surrendered your self to me and let me take complete control

Not This Time

Oh baby not this time
I’m gonna make you see
See what you’re doing to me
When you stay out all night
With your business friends
Your so-called friends

Well I’m no longer gonna turn my head
And just take all those stupid excuses that you’ve said
You make me believe you know
It hurts too much to have you there
So I just packed all your bags and they’re sitting by the door
I can’t take you anymore

Baby, now I see that I let you do this to me one too many times
You’re lying and you’re cheating and you think you’ve got me beaten
Well you can talk all you want, ’cause I don’t care baby
Not this time

Hold on before you go
I’ve got a couple things
That I would lie to say to you baby
Well you walked over me for the last time
Just keep on walking cause honey
I won’t rewind, well not for you
One more thing I hope you’re happy
‘Cause darlin this time I won’t be the one to loose


Earrings in my bed
Phone calls in the middle of the night
Now I know my darlin
Yes I know that this ain’t right
Smell her perfume in my car
Her lipsticks on your shirt
How ya gonna shove my beautiful face
Down in the dirt


Her Own Shame

It’s not that she doesn’t know what she wants
It just seems to be a matter of getting it
It’s not that she chose this life to have as her own
Just seems to be the only way to live
The day’s so short
And the nights are oh so long
Tossing and turning wondering
Where did it all go wrong

Is it lack of love
Is it the pain
Is it life or guilt
Or is it her own shame
How can she live this way

She survives each day
By following all their rules
Tell me how is it that they
Chose her to be their fool
Beating herself up
She barley survives the night
Followed by a slap of reality
From the morning light

Money so easily spent
Yet so hard to get back
The high so great
How did she get on this track


Out on the streets each night
Looking for someone to relate
Looking for an easy buzz
Stop extinguish all her pain
Arms extended out reaching for
The first thing that she finds
She takes it in and slowly begins
To ease her troubled mind

Money so easily spent
Yet so hard to get back
The high so great
How did she get on this track



Everywhere that you go
There’s always someone
Exepecting something from you
And all the things that you do
They’re never enough to please everyone

You want to be all alone
With no one around to let down

You’re all alone just letting yourself go
All alone putting on your own show
Free from all the ignorant things that you’ve said
Free from all the times you’ve made your own bed

Now you’re all alone
Just letting go

The air is crisp there’s a cool breeze
You run with such passion and such ease
Speaking your mind as loud as you wish
You’re all alone you don’t have to put up with their shit
Spinning round arms out at your side
Cursing all those that made you cry

Now you’re all alone
With no one around to let down

The air turns thick and so heavy
Reality strikes and panic settles in
When finally you realize that you win
You’re all alone your deepest fear
All alone no other soul is near

You’re let all alone
Trapped here by yourself
You’re all alone


Friday night, feeling alright
Went to Velvet had one thing on my mind
Looked all around from left to right
Up and down ’til I found him, Velvet Sean

Music’s loud, playing my favorite song
The crowd got live then I lost him Velvet Sean
Slid on by, where’d he go
I’ll find him again, this I know

Where are you Velvet Sean
I know that you’re here somewhere
We can play this game I don’t mind
In the end you’ll be all mine
Where are you Velvet Sean
I can feel that you’re near
We can play this game I don’t mind
In the end you’ll be all mine

(Uh huh, the call him Velvet Sean)
Looking so good, dancing across the floor
The way he moves, well he’s got me wanting more
Shake it baby, yea move it right
Velvet Sean I’m gonna take you home tonight
(All the things I’ll do to you)

Dancing round, fell the passion in his touch
Whispers in my ear, I want you oh so much
Get your coat, grab your keys, let’s get going
You know I aim to please

Now that I’ve found you Velvet Sean
Let’s get out of here
Let’s put out this fire
And fulfill all our aching desires
(Uh huh, I’ve got you Velvet Sean)
(Mmmmmm, this night is gonna be long)


The question of sanity left to one person
Who’s using wrongful discrimination
With inadequate representation
It’s leading to an early termination

Sanity, one thing to blame
Sanity, keeping us all so tame
Sanity, lighting a blazing flame
Sanity, is the one thing left to blame
Sanity, will we ever be the same
Sanity, claiming to keep us tame

Well, who’s to say what’s wrong or right
We pray that our children have open sight
A quality of life free from our fight
The fight of anger the fight of fear
The fight that has lasted for all these years


Can we fix it, is it too late
To cure the young of our preaching hate
Can we overcome it and wipe dry their tears
Or do we continue to feed them our own fears
When will the answer ever become clear